Fully Aggregated Ranking Title

From 2019 we’re introducing a new annual trophy for clubs to compete for.  Uni clubs who enter into all three division will automatically be entered into SICKO’s FART.

A reminder that the divisions are: Beginners, Women’s and Open.

How It Works

As a club you collect points as per each of your team’s finishing position in the tournament.

Your club’s spirit points will also (somehow, tbd) be added or subtracted from your score.

The club with the most points by the end of the tournament will receive the highly coveted SICKO’s FART trophy!

Some need to knows:

  • If your club has 2 or more teams in a division, the highest finishing team’s score is the score we add to your club’s total.
  • An exception to the above.. if you field a 2nd team in each division those 2nd team can choose to be their own entity.
  • The spirit score of all the club’s teams are aggregated.