As SICKO TDs get older their enthusiasm begins to wane.  Not to mention obtaining busier lives.  These facts are reflected in the SICKO Regurg party.

The party venue will be the Casablanca Jazz Club in Brighton.  We do not have any special arrangement with the venue.  Instead it’s just a club with a good vibe and good music.

Being a Saturday night, and being in central Brighton, there are loooads of places to eat and drink beforehand.  (Stay away from West Street)

Let’s take over Casas!


We do have a special arrangement with the venue.

Get there BEFORE 11:30 and it’s free entry.

You need to say you’re with “Rhys Harris”.

Entry between 11:30 and midnight is £6.

After midnight it’s £8.  So get there early!

Quoting “Rhys Harris” will also get you queue jump.